Saamia Impex Established in 1990, is widely acknowledged as a symbol of trust & quality in the field of Himalayan salt business.

We are Leading Manufacturers of Himalayan Salt lamps and own one of the largest salt lamps factory in Pakistan located at 16-km Lahore Sheikhupura Road. Our factory is spread over 2.5 acres and having more than 15000 sq. Mtr of covered area. 

Being Manufacturers we offer unbeatable Prices with top quality Products and excellent services. Our purpose built factory is well equipped with latest machines and highly skilled workers to produce these beautiful and stunning Salt Lamps. We are successfully exporting our products to USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Austria, Korea and Spain.

Highly Quality, timely Delivery, Low Profit and innovation are Prime Objectives of our company.

We have the capacity to execute bulk orders in any size, shape or weight with required timetable. Saamia Impex is ready to welcome your any requirement of Himalayan salt products in any shape, size and quantity. 

We deal only in Wholesale Business having turnover of more than 50 containers a year. You can also enjoy our Factory Tour to know the various steps of production of salt lamps and other salt products. Please Contact us for your interest in our Salt Products, we will reply in shortest possible time.

Natural Salt Lamps

Our Salt Crystal Lamps & Candle Holders are made from Natural Salt Crystal created by nature, millions of years ago and hundreds of meters underground in Salt mines of Khewra & Kalabagh Pakistan.

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USB Salt Lamps

These Mini USB salt lamps are computer friendly soft glowing salt lamps, beautifully hand carved by our highly skilled craftsmen using the Best quality pink and white Himalayan Crystal Salt and equipped with a single / multicolor LED Bulb, USB cord and plug.

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Salt Inhaler / Pipe

Our Salt Inhaler is a convenient, drug-free non-invasive Salt Inhaler for enjoying the benefits of salt air therapy.      

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